About Me

Stephanie Longmuir As a funeral celebrant I am a ceremony specialist with a sound background in the history of ritual, ceremony and funeral traditions. I was drawn to the funeral industry by a belief that every life deserves to be remembered and celebrated with dignity.

So long as we live, they too, shall live, for they are now a part of us, as we remember them.
Ronald Gittelsohn

I have been privileged to lead hundreds of funeral services for families all over Melbourne. From four people to four hundred, from simple graveside committals to extravagant all day memorials, from a motorcade of 100 motorcycles to a moment of silent tribute in a park, from smoking ceremonies to RSL services, from churches and chapels to bowling clubs and historic homes, from balloons to candles, rock music, choirs, jazz bands and harps, poems, performances, and private viewings, there have been so many memorable moments that I have been honoured to be part of.

Funerals are very significant rituals, they bring people together to share grief and express sadness, to remember, to reflect upon and often to celebrate a life. I am certain funerals play an important role in the grieving process and in helping people come to terms with loss. I am therefore committed to providing a funeral service that reflects the wishes, beliefs, values and cultural background of the family and their loved one and believe that in doing so they find some comfort in the process.


  • What a beautiful, warm, graceful and caring approach and manner you have. You are brilliant at what you do Stephanie!
    Carole M.
  • Many people have commented on your role – how wonderful and heartfelt you were. The ceremony was so perfect.
    Sandi F.
  • We were truly fortunate to have had such a wonderful celebrant.
    Melita H.
  • I know it is your job, but truly you do it so well and with such compassion. 
    Cheryl N.
  • You understood the situation well, and I can’t think of how any one else would have done it better.
    Brian H.
  • ...comprehensive, dignified, well researched, very appropriate and of course totally professional.
    Albert S.

My Background

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts degree with a religious studies major I decided to pursue a career in the funeral industry. Through my studies I had come to learn that a funeral service is perhaps life’s most important ceremony. I then undertook a Certificate IV in Funeral Celebrancy and began working in and around Melbourne as a celebrant.

My relationship with a wide variety of Funeral Directors throughout Melbourne has enabled me to work with families from many different areas and backgrounds. I have had the privilege of working with Aboriginal, Italian, French, Croatian, Hungarian, Russian, Serbian, Philippine, Scottish, English and of course lots of Australian families.

I slept and dreamed that life was happiness,
Then I awoke and found out that life was service.
I served and found out that in service, happiness is found.
Rabindranath Tagore

In putting together a wide variety of funeral services, memorial services and interment ceremonies I have gained extensive knowledge not just of the important logistics of a funeral service but also of the detail that makes a service special. I have a large library of music, readings and poetry that is suitable for funerals and my strong writing skills and storytelling ability help me create interesting and comprehensive eulogies.

When I am not working my three growing children and gorgeous husband fill any spare time that I have.

My Funeral Services

I provide every family with a personalised funeral service, a ceremony that reflects the wishes of a family and their loved one. Every service is unique because it focuses on the individual and their life.

During my initial meeting with a family I spend time working through the logistics of the funeral service before concentrating on the more intricate details of their loved one’s life. This will be done in a sensitive and empathetic way and will take as much time as a family require.

  • In collaboration with a family and or friends I will carefully put together a eulogy.
  • I help with suggestions for music, readings, poetry, blessings, symbols and rituals.
  • I encourage and assist family members and friends in putting together words of tribute.
  • I liaise with printers to assist in putting together Order of Service Booklets and audiovisual tributes.
  • During the lead up to a service I provide ongoing consultation to a family.
  • A full copy of the service is always sent through to a family prior to the funeral service and no service is delivered unless family or friends check every detail of the eulogy, and approve.
  • I work closely with the Funeral Director to ensure that every service is conducted with professionalism.

My role at the service can vary between presenting the entire service or coordinating the input of family and friends. I will do this in a professional, prepared and appropriate manner.

I guarantee that I will provide a service that reflects the unique personality of the individual and that I will be sensitive to a family’s needs, wishes, values, cultural backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. I will not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation. I promise to serve each family with sensitivity, professionalism and respect.


  • We were very impressed with your demeanor on the day, the delivery of the eulogy and most of all your composure – the whole ceremony was very tastefully executed.
    Wendy C.
  • Even a staunch Roman Catholic told me she had never been so moved at a funeral ceremony.
    John B.
  • I especially appreciate your patience & tact in listening to us all, helping us to sort things out & celebrating my sister’s life in a way she would have loved not some generic, canned procedure.
    Annie S.
  • We appreciate the thoughtfulness & compassion you displayed & feel that your efforts resulted in a very moving and sincere ceremony.
    Yvonne T.
  • Your interpretation of the information we gave you, was more than we expected, it was excellent.
    John C.
  • My Dad was just amazed by your efforts, and attention to detail... I think you have an amazing way with words and everything fitted together perfectly.