Almost 2000 Services… And Counting

Every family or individual that I serve is important to me. Every end of life ceremony I create is personal, meaningful and unique. My ceremonies blend stories and memories, music, audiovisual presentations and ritual and they always reflect the wishes, beliefs, values and cultural background of the family or the individual. They range from the increasingly popular memorial service that celebrates a life and is often organised at a favourite venue, to the traditional funeral service in a chapel with a graveside committal.

Prearranging An End Of Life Ceremony Or Organising A Living Funeral

I have worked with the terminally ill and their families in prearranging services and have seen the comfort this gives to both the family and the individual. I offer guidance in choosing a funeral company or service provider and I help start those difficult but important conversations in planning for the future.

In 2015 I launched Australia's first digital funeral planning service. It is the perfect starting point in documenting your wishes and instructions for an end of life ceremony and also a great place to record your life story.

The days following the death of someone you love are a time of shock and sadness, often of exhaustion and distress, but there is much to be done in a short period of time.

As A Funeral Planner

I will guide you in choosing a funeral company, advise on options for different ceremonies and suggest venues. I liaise with my preferred service providers to organise audiovisual equipment, printing requirements, flowers, funeral notices and catering and thus provide a complete service.

As A Celebrant

During my initial meeting I work through the logistics of the ceremony before concentrating on the important details, the stories and memories of family and friends that will help shape the ceremony. This will be done in a sensitive and empathetic way, often between laughter and tears and will take as much time as a family or individual requires.

Some families want complete involvement in the organisational process only needing my support and structure in officiating on the day. Others need assistance in recommending funeral professionals, advice on venues, crafting eulogies and tributes, suggesting music, readings, rituals, symbols and even faith-based content. I offer as little or as much help and guidance as needed.

I work collaboratively, providing ongoing consultation to perfect the ceremony. I liaise with printers and media suppliers about service booklets and other memorial stationery, webcasting and audiovisual tributes and work closely with the Funeral Director and venue to ensure professionalism.

The family or individual will always approve a final copy of the service document before the ceremony is delivered.

On the day my role can vary between presenting the entire service to coordinating the input of family and friends. I do this with warmth, dignity and respect.

I guarantee that I provide a ceremony that reflects the unique character of the individual and that I am sensitive to a family's needs, wishes, values, cultural backgrounds and spiritual beliefs. I do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, age, disability or sexual orientation. I serve each family with sensitivity, professionalism and respect.

We were so pleased to have you, you could easily have been part of our family.

Wendy, April 2015

Many people have commented on your role – how wonderful and heartfelt you were. The ceremony was so perfect.

Sandi F.

I know it is your job, but truly you do it so well and with such compassion. 

Cheryl N.

…the service was entirely appropriate, unfailingly tasteful, and devoid of clichés and euphemisms.

Nigel, June 2017